Sydney indie pop band, The Lulu Raes discuss the changing music scene, new releases and crashing vans.

The lulu Raes are a four piece band from Sydney, working primarily in “ sun baked pop”.

They are one of the many bands who has a large presence on music sharing sites such as Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Band member Marcus has noticed a distinct trend in their audience shifting to using Spotify.

“Our new single (burnout) has over 100,000 Spotify streams but like less than a thousand Triple J Unearthed downloads.”

Despite the emergence of free listening sites such as Spotify the exposure is still in Marcus’s words, “super important”.

The band is featured on triple J’s Unearthed website with regular air time on Triple J’s radio station.

This airtime has opened up the Lulu Raes to a wider and larger audience, something they are pleased about.

“I think it’s the same “fan base” (at the concert) but there’s more of them and they really perk up when they hear Burnout or Reputation”.

The increased fan size has allowed them to book out festivals as well such as Festival of the Sun.

Despite the ever increasing accessibility of their music to users on the internet, the lulu Raes gigs still draw a large audience and Marcus thinks he knows why.


The Lulu Raes

“I think the accessibility also came around the same time as all the social media crap. Maybe people don’t have to go to theshow to hear the music for the first time, but they do have to go to the show if they want that sick Snap Chat story or Instagram photo.”

Whilst Marcus expresses some sadness that the days of being able to walk into a bar and hear a new great band due to mostly “ticket only shows” may be gone he is excited about how many people are able to experience their music that otherwise may not have.

The Lulu Raes have not yet released an EP or an LP just a collection of singles and that’s how they plan to keep it for the near future.

It’s very hard for us because we’re dumb (making an album)”.

“We’ve never prepared an album or an EP, all we’ve known is pumping out singles, I think we want to make anEP of singles though”.

As their star is rising they begin to tour with bands such as Gang of Youths and Sticky fingers.

Their recent sticky fingers Tour was a success apart from one minor mishap.

“The Sticky tour was really fun but then Eddie (band member) ran our rental van into a pole and it cost us $1000 to repair.”

You can check out Lulu Raes on Spotify Facebook, Bandcamp and SoundCloud and look out for new music.

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