Are the Arias still relevant?

The Arias is Australia’s Music nights of nights but does anyone care anymore?

The awards will return to channel 10 after being relegated to channel nines secondary station go for the previous 3 years.

This was obviously due to ratings being unsuccessful but channel 10 is hoping they will improve but their is no indication they will.

The nominated acts represent a diverse arrangement of musical genres and music infamy.

Large international mainstream artists such as ACDC and Deltra Goodrem, mixed in with the relative obscurity of folk act Marlon Williams.

In many respects this is good for the Australian music scene to showcase its diversity and prove many artists can be represented

However in recent years Aria success has not translated into mainstream success.

For example Boy and Bear won 6 arias in 2012 and there was much buzz about them for a matter of months and then it quickly disappeared.

The Arias may be the Australian equivalent of the Grammys but in reality there is no comparison.

It’s important for Australia to have an industry night but if all these acts win is the prize on the night and a few months of accolades, is it worth it?

Student and music fan Saige Prime said “I tune into the Arias for brief moments during its broadcast, however its predictability in winners and quality of live music is often unbearable that I switch over”.

It seems many agree with him as Last year the Arias failed to make the top 20 most watched programs of the night, with only 602 thousand people nationally tuning in. The actual awards show was out rated by the red carpet.

This led to criticism that it is more of a fashion show than a genuine representation of the Australian music industry.

Its expected that the red carpet rates highly and its important to have that section of the show to expand its viewership.

However if people just tune out after the red carpet finishes without experiencing the music awards then the red carpet could have been for any event.

Of course for the Arias to survive television ratings and advertising is key. This inherently means genres with high radio presence like pop will be valued higher than say jazz or blues.

Many have said that as Australia’s night of nights it needs to be inclusive of all genres and whilst many genres have awards they are not valued equally.

Truthly this will likely never happen and despite the heavy focus on ratings and commercial endorsements it is yet to be known if that will translate too ratings success.

It’s unlikely the Arias will disappear anytime soon but has to be said that in order for the awards to remain relevant something needs to be done.

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