Szymon’s debut album is as beautiful as it is tragic

Szymon’s Tigersapp may be the most moving and brilliant album of the year, for both content of the recording and the incredible story behind the music.

Szymon Borzestowski was a gifted musician from an early age and at the age of 18 it seemed like his music career was going to take off.

He was on an overseas trip when his father sent demo tapes to EMI Music in 2008 , they loved it and sent him recording equipment to record more songs in the hope of an album.

However the thought of focusing on music was too much as he began to struggle with depression.

When he was just 23 years old in 2012 he killed himself.

It seemed as though his music would never be released to the public.

However EMI producer Mark Holland was determined to release his music and asked the family if he would be able to look through Szymons recording and to try and produce an album.

His family agreed and in 2015 Tigersapp was released. An incredible mix of folk electronica and dream pop, with Szymon’s haunting vocals makes for an incredible journey.

The first track on the album, Golden has flowing guitar riffs and seems to portray a mood of happiness from first listen, however it is clear the song is far deeper.

“I lose pick of dance on the trees

Making it seem so easy

Drove off the life

Fair games stands but never be

Many in the dead of the night”

This verse encompasses so many feelings with its lyrical complexity and it becomes clear that throughout the album that these songs were written by someone who was at times battling an awful illness but able to produce songs of such beauty and hope.

Unlike many recording there are instrumentals on the album.

The pick of them being zoo story.

Despite no vocals the talented instrumentalist manages to create a remarkable song that sends you on a journey, no different to his songs that feature lyrics.

The third and in my opinion best track on the album, Medusa, is the most high tempo song on the album but continues in the same vain of sadness but it is impossible to not feel that there is hope in medusa just like there is in the others.

Unfortunately no one will ever be able to see Szymon perform live or hear another album but he was able, with the help of his family and friends, to give a gift to the world that will preserve his legacy for years to come.

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