Music scene future looks bright for Adelaide despite some talk of doom and gloom

With the news today that yet another Australian Music festival is cancelled, one could be forgiving for thinking Music is taking a hit in Australia.

What was being touted as “Australia’s first Cruise ship Festival, Sea n Beats” by organizers has joined the growing list of cancelled Australian festivals.

Other cancelled festivals include, Gorgeous festival, Future Music Festival and Soul Fest.

Despite the disappointment for many music lovers, its important to remember how rich the live music scene Is in Australia and especially the “cultural backwater” that is Adelaide.

Just last week arguably one of the biggest bands in history, Fleetwood Mac played in Adelaide to a rousing reception.

So often Adelaide gets over looked by big bands however with the incredible facility that is Adelaide oval this will happen less and less.

The Rolling Stones were set to open the revamped venue in 2014, for unforeseen circumstances this didn’t happen but when they did eventually play it instantly put Adelaide Oval on the map.

ACDC are returning the Oval in November of this year, which is said to be a big night for Australian Music.

The Advantage of holding an event like that at Adelaide oval is it encompasses both the music world and the sport world.

A popular venue for sport like Adelaide Oval is, means it will attract interest sporting fans who enjoy the Oval.

Student and regular attendee of cricket matches at Adelaide Oval, Ross Lowe believes the synergy between sport and music is fantastic.

“I believe it is a good initiative as long as one does not intervene with the other cause obviously it’s used for sport but it is still a large venue which could successfully play host to many concerts” said Lowe.

To attract large bands to our sleepy city is fantastic, but its important to not neglect the local music scene that is continuing to grow.

Music SA General Manager David Grice, speaking to in 2014 emphasized that the scene is thriving.

“Original live music is starting to get valued a lot more than I’ve seen it generally in the past … the change is incredibly evident”.

Just because some festivals have not received as much support as hoped and were forced to cancel does not mean the whole music industry is struggling.

Adelaide has many great bands touring, local and foreign, small or large and great music venues, to cater to all tastes.

Music is more accessible than ever and as a result of that there are more and more bands to find and support.

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